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chris watson-outside the circle of fire cd (touch)

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chris watson: outside the circle of fire

Third edition, now with a new sandstone color version of the artwork. The purr of a leopard close up against a baobab tree, waiting. Whales surfacing, breathing in cold air. A starling imitating the noise of farm machinery from the hollow ring of a ruined bothy, an evening chorus of corncrakes across the iris beds, dry topical contact calls follow spider monkeys through the canopy, a lioness threatens, the deep roar of a red deer stag, the rattle of wood over a black stream. Chris Watson's second CD, originally released in 1998, is a dramatic contrast to the spacious atmospheres of Stepping Into The Dark. Featuring 22 close-up recordings of animals, birds and insect life, Outside The Circle Of Fire enlarges our awareness of the sound-universe, intimate with voices from the past. There is an intensity here that television pictures cannot conjure.

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