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cicciolina holocaust/sermonizer-albeit albeit/sibelius spiders lp (forced nostalgia)

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There's no shortage of electronic reissue imprints operating these days, especially ones concentrating on "lost" synth-wave recordings from the late '70s-mid '80s, but few have access to the kind of material amassed over the years by Forced Nostalgia, a label curated by one of Belgium's most knowledgeable and methodical sound archivists. The breadth and quality of the material already scheduled for release by Forced Nostalgia is just jaw-dropping -- extending the remit to begin with the post-punk heyday of the late '70s all the way through to the mid '90s, taking in often unreleased, mostly unheard and overlooked material from tape music to industrial, from bossa-pop to proto-techno, from drone to out and out analog experimentation -- with the vast majority of the music now being made available on vinyl for the very first time. Florim Prishtina and Rezart Veseli recorded together as Cicciolina Holocaust in Firenze, Italy during the late '70s and early '80s, releasing several tapes, all as small private editions given to friends. Using guitar, Korg Poly 61, Korg KPR 77, Cornet, Tascam Portastudio (4-Track), effect pedals, tapes and an array of self-built machines, their work covers a wide spectrum of analog electronics, resulting in oppressive and uber-dark synth-scapes and minimal proto-techno experiments that slot perfectly alongside the kind of darkside work typified by Regis and the more experimental end of the Downwards label in 2011. Sermonizer is the work of an anonymous producer from Bologna who started experimenting with primitive (field-) recordings and tape manipulations in late '79. In 1984 he recorded numerous avant-garde, industrial and ambient works onto 4-track recorder and his massive output consists of numerous private tape albums, both studio and live recordings. The five tracks here were recorded between 1983 and 1986 and were made on synthesizer, guitar, violin, drum machines, electric shaver and other found objects and voice. Vinyl cut at Dubpates & Mastering, Berlin.

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