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circular ruins-the thorned maze cs (portals editions)

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circular ruins: the thorned maze

Circular Ruins is the project of Netherlands-born, Berlin-based musician and visual artist Marijn Degenaar (b. 1987), whose "arcane, wistful and wishful ambient soundscaping" have been described by Boomkat as embodying "electronic music's potential for optimistic, dreamlike qualities." The Thorned Maze is a different, darker and more cerebral beast; one where the dreamy optimism is often interrupted by dissonant, atonal clusters, rattling textures, and rhythms that suggest subterranean infestations. The name Circular Ruins suggests the cyclical nature of being and time, and the atmosphere of his most cohesive release to date suggests a period of existential exploration; Touching on something eternal, conjuring images of fallen idols and ruined civilizations, past and present; an astral free-float through imagined eras and landscapes, as well as a hazy reflection on the cracked mirrors of the now, even hinting at the inner turmoil of a cyberpunk dystopia.

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