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clams casino-rainforest 12 (tri angle)

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As the producer responsible for some of Lil B and Soulja Boy's weirdest, most inventive beats, and following on from a critically-acclaimed, self-released mixtape of instrumentals collected from his work over the years with various forward-thinking hip-hop artists, Tri Angle is very excited to announce the release of Rainforest, the debut EP by Clams Casino. The five songs that make up Rainforest find Clams Casino (aka 23 year-old New Jersey native, Michael Volpe) refining his ethereal, otherworldly sound, while taking it to a heavier and more intense extreme. What has set Clams Casino apart from most other hip-hop producers is his skill in making records that sound just as good, if not better, instrumentally as they do with vocals, and if anyone needed it, Rainforest represents the confirmation of this. It's a record drenched in mysterious atmospherics, like a foggy memory of a far-off exotic place, the details buried beneath the mist of distortion, but present nonetheless. None of the songs on Rainforest have ever been released before, and in contrast to most of his other productions, these songs have always existed purely as instrumentals, free of any vocal presence. Rainforest is an incredibly powerful release which signals the beginning of Clams Casino coming into his own and operating as an important artist in his own right.

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