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cloud one-don't let my rainbow pass me by 12 (golden flamingo)

Price: $15.99


cloud one: don't let my rainbow pass me by

A true holy grail from the Cloud One catalog, 'Don't Let My Rainbow Pass Me By' is the third of a string of titles on Golden Flamingo produced by the P&P duo of Patrick Adams and Peter Brown and featuring vocals from 'Guardian Angel' singer Margot Williams. Similar to previous Cloud One's productions, this record had all the elements of a Patrick Adams classic, but with vocal arrangements that foreshadowed the work he would do with Inner Life and Jocelyn Brown at Salsoul. Perhaps not so much of a concidence then that Margot Williams would provide backing vocals on Inner Life's second and final album. Even though it was originally released in 1981, 'Don't Let My Rainbow Pass Me By' is still championed by high-profile deejays today. Over the years, it's been notably sampled in Basement Jaxx's Romeo and covered by Todd Terje and Prins Thomas in 'Reinbagan' as a dub-disco cut. Available for the first time since its original release, our only piece of advice is to don't let this classic pass you by.

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