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clubroot - iii-mmxii 2lp+cd (lodubs)

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clubroot: iii-mmxii

Clubroot has quietly built his own sound within bass music since emerging with his first album roughly four years ago. The glowing reviews of his previous two albums, the million-plus plays, and countless adoring comments on scores of youtube videos, both of production and of live shows from Seattle to Kiev and beyond show that the artist that is often spoken of in hushed tones is recalled and reminisced in such a manner due to his works being among the closest to their appreciators' hearts. ..And unlike many other artists, Clubroot is an one who feeds on such light. Several months ago, as the initial development of this release was just underway, it was announced with a Kickstarter campaign aimed at gathering funds for the albums release (necessitated due to a dispute with LoDubs' previous distributor). The subsequent outpouring was tremendous, more than setting the course for the release and label, while at the same time creating a bubbling anticipation for the Clubroot album to come. ..And now, 2012 will bring the trilogy of self titled albums by Clubroot to a close, culminating with III – MMX, and with it, LoDubs is honored to be the presenter of 13 new tracks, in a program clocking in over one hour, consisting of His most refined, touching works to date, which demonstrate an interwoven and otherworldly understanding of the depths, atmospheres, and potential shapes of low end melody and frequencies perhaps only seen in fleeting glimpses in other forms of sound in the past. We just hope you have a capable stereo.... ...And with that, the trilogy is complete.

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