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clyde alexander & sanction-got to get your love 12 (p&p)

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clyde alexander & sanction: got to get your love

Back in the day a very young Clyde Alexander went into the studio with Gary Davis and Sanction at the behest of Mr. Peter Brown. The cut they laid down that day has been sought after and filling dance floors ever since. Gary Davis and his neighbor Truck constructed what many believe to be the ultimate hook in 'Gotta Get Your Love'. Gary's lavish yet simple arrangement and Trucks lyrics are backed with one of the most solid bass lines you'll ever hear over a beat so steady it's like bedrock. This record is so tight it's hard to believe every player at this session was in their teens when this was laid down on tape. That is with the exception of Gary Davis who was the elder statesman of this outing at the advanced age of 24. Give this one a spin and you'll understand how Gary and his crew from Camden made history that afternoon in '79.

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