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c.m. von hausswolff-still life: requiem lp (touch)

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c.m. von hausswolff: still life-requiem

Conceptualized (2010-2013), composed and produced (2014-2017) by Carl Michael von Hausswolff in Palma (Majorca) and Stockholm. Still Life - Requiem is a musical piece consists only of sounds emitted and extracted from physical matter using emission spectroscopy as the sole basic technology. Acknowledgements to Linköping University (IFM), Sweden. Still Life - Requiem consists of one piece with the same title and is divided up into two to fit the LP format. The piece is, as the title suggests, a requiem and its contents are solely composed by sounds captured from a specific physical solid state material. The composer has used a technique called "emission spectroscopy" whereby the frequencies generated from the material was analyzed and transferred into, for humans, a listenable pitch (between 15 and 14000Hz). This captured organic sound material has been stretched, looped, equalized, and composed to produce the recording. A requiem is a piece of music dedicated to certain sole or several restless souls that wander our worlds looking for a place to call home. A requiem radiates calm, peace and perhaps comfort for tormented spiritual beings -- it's a piece dedicated to promote and insert tranquility and transcendence. This requiem also provides the listener with a certain feeling of connection -- perhaps a connection with the unknown and with the energy field clusters and mental abilities of post-mortem life forms that would be the incorporeal essence of a living being. Carl Michael von Hausswolff (born 1956 in Linköping , Sweden) has a long history within the communities of contemporary music and visual art. His first records were released in early '80s while the most recent saw the light just a few years ago. In recent years, he has been collaborating with Leslie Winer -- (1) -- and Hans-Joachim Roedelius -- Nordlicht (2017). He has also instigated and curated the collective sound-installation "freq_out" during 2003-2017, which includes artists such as Jana Winderen, JG Thirlwell, Finnbogi Petursson, Christine Ödlund, and others. Artwork and photography by Jon Wozencroft and Carl Michael von Hausswolff. Mastered by Jason at Transition.

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