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cofaxx-pico vu ep (nous disques)

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cofaxx: pico vu

Cofaxx's, AKA Joseph Magee, boundlessly breathtaking Pico Vu EP is a seven tracker that covers immense ground within a compact narrative. A cleverly assembled story with startling standouts such as "Dicey" a deep Detroity piece, layering into a Sound Signature-y space, while LA's seasoned producer Brown Irvin offers a bolshier bash at the ambient, semi-conscious swirlings of opening track "Tide Pool". "Velvet" is all golden era electronica stylings, early days Warp and Planet E on a lingering dinner date, while the smoky textures straddle irridescent sounds of "Shape To Fade In" make for a not-out-of-place jazzy backroom style builder.

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