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colin potter-the fights of the sound cable cs (tapeworm)

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colin potter: the fights of the sound cable

So, things have gone full circle. Colin Potter's first cassette was released in 1980 and here we are around 33 1/3 years later, observing the release of another cassette. The intervening period has seen a number of developments. The ICR label was inaugurated and still continues today, having released over 70 cassettes, records, and CDs. IC Studio was established soon after and has been operated by Potter (almost) continuously since the early '80s, at a number of locations. There, Potter has recorded, mixed, and produced a wide array of projects. He has gained a reputation for innovative mixing and sound processing, working with artists such as Current 93, Fovea Hex, Ora, Organum, Monos, Andrew Chalk, Jonathan Coleclough, Paul Bradley, Darren Tate, and, most notably, with Steven Stapleton on many albums by the renowned Nurse With Wound. Several solo works have been released, as well as many collaborations. For reasons best known to himself, he decided to try his hand at live performance and is astonished to be still allowed to do so. The second side of the cassette is actually a recording of a rehearsal for such an event and is documented, if only to prove that he does in fact actually plan ahead for these things. The first side is an exercise in mathematical repetition patterns, by someone whose counting is somewhat dubious.

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