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colored mushroom & the medicine rocks-gold manor eclipse cs (centre)

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colored mushroom & the medicine rocks: gold manor eclipse

Colored Mushroom & The Medicine Rocks are an electronic music group which is currently producing music and living in Cleveland, Ohio. These works were created in Cleveland and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Listen closely and perhaps you can hear the two different atmospheres’ reflections in the sound. “The Gold Manor Eclipse” is a concise release made up of treasure-like progressions and clouds of breathtaking mellotron. Colored Mushroom present a unique take on synthesizer prog that glows with glossy hi-hat snaps and deep drum patterns. The locked in drum machines are balanced by synthesizers and electronics that never agree to go straight down the middle. Similar to (the ensemble’s maestro) John Elliott’s work as Outer Space and Imaginary Softwoods, the songs move forward but remain hardly predictable. The songs are packed with charging movements and space to breathe. Breathe to them, move to them, and let them move you.

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