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coma-in technicolor remixe 12 (kompakt)

Price: $13.99


coma: in technicolor remixe

Having released their debut full-length In Technicolor  to universal acclaim, Coma's Marius Bubat and Georg Conrad are pleased to present In Technicolor Remixe, featuring the considerable talents of Terranova, Roosevelt, and Zombies In Miami, who each deliver powerful reworks of their favorite tracks. Starting with angular stomper "Out of Control," masters of horizontal thrust Terranova deliver a suspenseful remix of the brightly-colored original, engaging the listener in an enthralling game of cat-and-mouse between the percussion and its melodic counterparts. Roosevelt's revamp of "Les Dilettantes" pushes back its free-form properties for a heavily disco-infused work-out driven by exquisite hooks and a deliberately jam-like mentality. The 12" closes with Zombies In Miami's take on "Cycle," turning it on its head with a blend of sun-bleached guitar licks, heavy-duty beats and a well-dosed serving of peyote-laced synths. A perfect conclusion to an enticingly polymorph collection of reworks.

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