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conforce pres. silent harbour-noctiluca lp (echocord)

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conforce pres silent harbour: noctiluca

Conforce returns under his Silent Harbour guise for the Noctiluca mini-LP, a six-track collection released via Copenhagen's Echocord. Dutch producer Boris Bunnik has been releasing material under various guises over the past two decades such as Conforce, Versalife, Hexagon, Vernon Felicity, and of course Silent Harbour which he revisits here following 2015's Hinterland on Deep Sound Channel and the self-tilted inauguration of the project in 2012 on Echocord. The beatless drones of "Riparian" open the package, perfectly setting the tone with murky bell like chimes, rumbling subs, and splashes of white noise before title-track "Noctiluca" picks up the pace, tipping the focus over to bubbling dub echoes, glitched-out minute percussion, and a sturdy muted kick to keep things driving. "Dwelling" is up next, featuring expansive, washed-out synth textures, cavernous bass tones, and modulating percussion throughout. Leading on the B side of the release is "Peridinum", employing classic dub techno tropes with an amalgamation of choppy stab sequences dynamically evolving over off-beat hats and a thunderous kick. "Fusiformis" strips things rhythmically whilst keeping the bubbling delays and expansive reverbs at its core before closing track "Pelagia" brings bright, resonant synth lines, delayed percussive hits, and tension-building synth bass into the limelight.

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