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conrad schnitzler-00/830 endtime 2lp (m=minimal)

Price: $30.99


conrad schnitzler: 00/830 endtime

Only a few days before he passed away last August, he created this unique, almost 70 minutes long work. 36 parts mixed into each other create a walk through his entire work. This record is not only for fans of Conrad Schnitzler. It's like a trip through 40 years of electronic music. Conrad Schnitzler once more shows how strong his influence has marked young artists like Emeralds and Oneohtrix Point Never. Wihtout his solo works and his projects Kluster, Tangerine Dream and Eruption electronic music wouldn't be the same. The tracks on the vinyl edition are in the order sides A,C,B,D. This allows you to make your own mix of this big work.

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