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conrad schnitzler-ballet statique cd (m=minimal)

Price: $23.99


conrad schnitzler: ballet statique

M=Minimal released the vinyl of this classic record last year and as the CD has been unavailable for a long time, too, the label decided to make a special edition. Ballet Statique by Conrad Schnitzler, was originally released in 1978 and recorded at the legendary Paragon Studio, Berlin. This album was first released as Con. The name Ballet Statique was only chosen for a re-release and it was not the idea of the artists to rename it. So M=Minimal decided to give its old name back. This special edition comes with a cardboard slipbox with Ballet Statique on it. If you take off the slipbox, you hold Con in your hands. Also included is a 24-page booklet with photographs and liner notes by Wolfgang "Sequenza" Seidel, Conrad Schnitzler's long-time musical partner. As a bonus track, a copy of the "Red Cassette" is included. On one stereo channel you hear the rhythm part; on the other, the synth track, one side of the cassette on each channel. This more-than 30 minutes' long version has never been re-released before. The cardboard slipbox edition is strictly limited to 1,000 copies.

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