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convergence-live lp (beniffer editions)

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convergence: live

Edition of 200 "CONVERGENCE was formed in 1976 as an appendage to the Humber College Ensemble for Experimental Music. "Written" music for this ensemble was scarce and consequently improvisational sessions became more frequent. About this time, the Music Gallery had been expanding to allow many new groups the opportunity of performing. I then decided to take a core of the most interested students and give a concert at the Gallery. Our first few concerts had a somewhat haphazard and random mix of students, some of whom didn't quite get the notion of free improv. Eventually I decided on a quintet with the best of the student improvisers. I also felt that a quintet was ideal for this idiom. I never really concerned myself with what instruments they played, but rather the spirit and creativity they had toward rehearsing and performing. So CONVERGENCE'S instrumentation became trumpet, trombone, piano, and percussion (including home-made instruments and toy instruments). It remained that way until we disbanded around 1980. CONVERGENCE'S sound is a zone somewhere between The boundaries of avant-garde jazz and free-form contemporary classical music". MSH

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