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cornershop-urban turban: the singhles club cd (ample play)

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cornershop: urban turban the singhles club

"The beast of winter is slain and what better way to celebrate than with some solar flared grooves courtesy of Cornershop?" – The Quietus Adding to their treasure trove of a back catalogue, Cornershop have today announced the release of their new album ‘Urban Turban’. ‘Urban Turban’ is a walk through the hard-drive of Tjinder Singh's head – it’s a summer breeze with electronic sound, Swedish and French songstresses, Lancashire primary school singers, and a throwback to his Indian folk roots (or as he calls it, the pre-cursor to hip-hop itself). Whilst many other groups seem to have got themselves stuck in a time of austerity (for the past decade), Cornershop continue to showcase all they want, in their own time – it’s a longer route but one that has solid foundation and respect.

track listing:1.’What Did The Hippie Have In His Bag?’ - Cornershop ft. Castle Hill Primary 2.’Who's Gonna Lite It Up?’ - Cornershop ft. Izzy Lindqwister 3. ‘Non-Stop Radio (extended play)’ - Cornershop ft. Celeste 4. ‘Solid Gold’ - Cornershop ft. Katie 5. ‘Beacon Radio 303’ - Cornershop ft. Rajwant 6. ‘Milkin' It’ - Cornershop ft. In Light Of Aquarius 7. ‘Concrete, Concrete’ - Cornershop ft. Kay Kwong 8. ‘Something Makes You Feel Like’ - Cornershop ft. SoKo 9. ‘Inspector Bamba Singh's Lament’ - Cornershop ft. Amar 10. ‘Dedicated’ - Cornershop ft. Lorraine 11. ‘What Did The Hippie Have In His Bag?’ - The High Slung Satchel - Cornershop ft. Castle Hill Primary 12. ‘First Wog On The Moon’

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