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covered in sand-heaven's gate suicides 10+7 (mira)

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covered in sand: heaven's gate suicides

The third release on Avian's sister label Mira unveils a new project from Shifted under the name Covered In Sand, an alias set up to explore more extreme sonic territory. Heaven's Gate Suicides sets the tone for the new project with scorched percussive elements chugging along at below 100bpm, processed using guitar amp and pedal simulators. Vatican Shadow's (aka Dominick Fernow) remix on the flip is slightly more restrained, using his trademark synths & syncopation to dramatic effect. Also included in this great package is a 7" of beatless material from Covered In Sand including the heartfelt 'Russian Gold & Blood Diamonds'.

Covered In Sand | Heaven's Gate Suicides | Mira 003

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