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craig sherrad-sketches of a circuit 12 (dnaut)

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craig sherrad: sketches of a circuit

The second release from Dnaut is "Sketches of a Circuit" by Craig Sherrad. In the past, Sherrad has worked on labels such as Transmat. This EP kicks off with ‘We Got Extasy’ - a solid 4/4 with stormy clouds over alien life forms. ‘Hot Pockets’ is a clubby groove with fractured melodies and glassy lines. ‘Energize’ featuring Riot Baby, is a hip hop inspired, dusty beat with vocals. Rough and sexy. ‘Mercury Electric’ has bouncy beats, with a grubby bass line and layered synths. ‘Sketches of a Circuit’ is a soupy bit of ambiance with sporadic gently tumbling drums, blissful chords and the slightest ripples of percussion.

we got extasy:

hot pockets:

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