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creation rebel-starship africa cd (on-u sound)

Price: $16.99


Creation Rebel?s "Starship Africa? is the greatest sci-fi dub soundtrack never put to film. Produced and arranged by Adrian Sherwood and created by some of the greats from the On-U Sound stable of musicians (including Doctor Pablo, Crucial Tony, Style Scott and Eskimo Fox), it is one of the finest moments of British Dub. Compared to acts as far afield as Tangerine Dream and the Grateful Dead, "Starship Africa? is a truly psychedelic dub experience, spread over just two tracks (albeit broken down into five and four movements apiece), that stands among the most intriguing of all Sherwood's earliest creations. This album is a criminally underrated masterpiece and essential headphone listening. Originally released as in 1980 and later re-issued on On-U Sound as ON-ULP8 in 1982, this new edition also includes four bonus tracks previously unreleased outside Japan.

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