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cut hands-afro noise i cd (very friendly/susan lawly)

Price: $16.99


A bludgeoning mix of machine and voodoo/Central African percussion plus other acoustic instruments combine to create one of the most physically intense musical experiences ever. Songs featured in VBS's films Vice Guide To Liberia and Mandingo. Since 2007's Whitehouse album Racket, and after his original Afro Noise mix became one of the most downloaded experimental mixes ever made, William Bennett's remarkable Cut Hands album has seen 4 long years of meticulously obsessive studio work in the making, notably deploying his special collection of Congolese and Ghanaian percussion instruments. All songs written and produced by William Bennett, mastering and remastering by Denis Blackham. CD features 16 pg. booklet with special artwork and extended texts by William Bennett and Mimsy Deblois. Thirteen tracks of startling Afro-noise that will blow your fucking mind. Total playing time: 49 minutes 25 seconds.

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