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cv313-dimensional space 2cd (echospace)

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cv313: dimensional space

"There's been a world of hurt in regard to this album, the original masters recorded from 1996-2010 were submerged underwater due to the flood in our home studio where boxes of old reels were never to be recovered again. Finally, years of restructure on live recordings and painstaking undulation in the restoration process have lead us to finally accomplish what so many expected wouldn't happen: an awakening of sagacious spirit. With that being said, it's our distinct honor to present the sonic world of Dimensional Space -- the highly-anticipated debut album from cv313. This album has taken a cosmic eclipse where two events collide for unison. The culmination of this project led to synergy, creative experience re-invented and re-imagined -- the flow of an astral vortex." --Echospace; The second CD includes mixes of track "Subtraktive" from artists such as The Sight Below, Reference, Deepchord Presents: Echospace, King Midas Sound, Intrusion, and Bvdub.

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