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d5-sides of space 3lp (delsin)

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d5: sides of space

Delsin are proud to present Sides of Space, a collection of 12 classic, lost, and forgotten tracks from atmospheric techno producer D5. D5 has released a number of fine EPs on Delsin that date back to the turn of the millennium, as well as a fine full-length in 2002 titled Alien Artform. The tracks on this compilation have been chosen from old CD-Rs by Delsin boss Marsel and truly reflect the artist formerly known as Dimension 5's fine tradition of relaxing, chilled-out, Detroit-influenced techno. Sides of Space includes his most classic track, "Floatation Tank" (which was a standout from the 2005 Panet Delsin compilation), as well as all cuts from the sought-after 2006 Neutrino EP, and the work sounds as good now as it ever did. In all there are seven previously released tracks and five never-before-heard cuts, and they all make for absorbing listening in the club, on headphones, or from the sofa.

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