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dalhous-an ambassador for laing lp (blackest ever black)

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dalhous: an ambassador for laing

Debut album from the Edinburgh-based duo of Marc Dall and Alex Ander, who work with intricately-stacked percussion, dub-wise bass and a rich harmonic tapestry of processed voices, keys, harp, vibraphone, guitar, woodwind, strings and synthesizer -- every sound re-sampled to the nth degree then subjected to subtle automation and rigorously fine-tuned over a period of many months. From the mesmerizing, pastoral drift of "Anger Sees Red" and "Dwelling by the Meadow" to agitated arabesques like "The Physical Body" and the self-titled "Dalhous," the resulting pieces explore dream-like but treacherous terrain. Eleven questions in a world of blue.

Dalhous - 'The Physical Body'

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