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daniel maloso-in & out 2lp+cd (comeme)

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daniel maloso: in & out

Daniel Maloso has so far been known for his fabled Cómeme collaborations with Rebolledo and his colossal solo debut EP Hijos de José and his reputation for highly intense live action. Cómeme's second album is Daniel Maloso's ode to the seductive powers of the night-time world, a homage to ceremonial cave music made for the carnal momentum. Moving in sudden shifts, it can be a cinematic automaton boogie with a leather jacket on ("Shera") or Kraut eaten up by Eurodisco's dark half ("Boney"). It can be a maze of sequenced, syncopated bass lines pulsating in the name of Soccio's "Dancer" and Cowley's "Megatron Man," gospel choirs on top ("Body Music"). Or just pure stripped-down machine funk ("Control y Voltaje"). Call up the children of the night to rise ("They Came At Night"), see strangers crossing paths ("Cafe Obscuro"). Share a look with someone and see both of you wishing for an offer ("Mamihlapinatapai"). Follow Daniel's nocturnal passages.

Daniel Maloso - Shera

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