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danny daze & shokh/patrice bäumel-speicher 98 12 (kompakt extra)

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danny daze & shokh/patrice bäumel: speicher 98

Danny Daze returns to Kompakt with one of the most intense and gratifying tracks of 2017. The Miami native's relentless passion for underground '90s electro and techno resounds in "Aire", a collaboration with up-and-comer Shokh. Dark and dirty techno. The rise of Patrice Bäumel since 2016's now ironically titled "Surge" has been steady for good reason -- positivity, passion, and a lot of hard work. "Sorcery" is a catch-and-release techno roller that ripens with a fundamental percussion lead. Two luminous artists responsible for two of the label's beloved singles of 2016.

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