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daphne oram/tom dissevelt-electronic sound patterns/electronic movements 10 (trunk)

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daphne oram/tom dissevelt: electronic sound patterns/electronic movements

This 10" record brings together two very rare and early EPs made by these pioneering electronic musicians. Both records have not been in print since 1962. Each musician has one side each, and the artwork brings together the original sleeves (beautifully reproduced), with one side each. There is also an insert with sleevenotes. On side one is Daphne Oram's first complete commercial recording which was released in the UK as part of Vera Gray's Listen, Move and Dance series. Basically, this was music made for school children to throw shapes and improvise along to during drama and creative lessons. It was Vera's hope that these new and exciting sounds would lead the children into some "imaginative situations." Side two represents a whole different country of electronic creativity, with the exceptional sounds of Dutch electronic pioneer Tom Dissevelt. A multi-instrumentalist and jazzman, Dissevelt was invited to work at the legendary Natlab (Philips Physics Laboratory) studios. There he spent time working alongside composer and theorist Dick Raaijmakers (aka Kid Baltan) producing new electronic sounds and interpretations of popular music. This four-track sampler was issued at the same time as the Oram work and its comprehensive sleevenotes hinted at the music being "attractive," "dizzy" and "mysterious." Limited to 500 copies.

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