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dark division-optimal configuration daily ep (hidden tapes)

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dark division: optimal configuration daily

Absent from conscious control we arrive at divine architecture where art is explored fluidly without thought. In this sonic surrealism compositions are designed in state of automatism. Undertones of eroticism and Freudian theories working with the subconscious to create visuals of extraordinary textures and biomorphic soft forms liquefying into a checker shadow illusion. “Optimal Configuration Daily” is the premise of machine and the mind of man in perfect unison. Experimentation with hardware machinery is explored,researched, and discovered resulting in vivid mental imagery. If we were to flick the switch that unlocks the power of imagination and allow plenty of room for the unexpected, we tap into unreality and arrive at the line where Dark Division fades certainty into the divinely peculiar. But we know well that, in essence, dreams and waking hours do not have the same texture and, upon careful examination of all sensory perception, one is able to determine in certainly, that we are awake.

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