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darren nye-emotional intelligence ep (firescope)

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darren nye: emotional intelligence

As always, a label about quality music and quality packaging without compromise. B12’s sub-label FireScope Records is proud to present Darren Nye, the next producer to add a beaming pulsar to the expanding FireScope universe. Titled ‘Emotional Intelligence’, FS010 is Darren Nye’s first-ever vinyl release and a voyager discovery into five of his finest work. A UK producer who has been writing music since 1995, Darren’s emotional and heartfelt work with influences from B12 among others fully represents our ethos of proper techno created today. First landing — ‘Things She Said’, where swirling pads wrap themselves around perfectly programmed drums and percussion, complemented by wonderful basslines. ‘Emulated Emotion’ speaks for itself next. A highly emotive tune with gorgeous pads and percussions carrying the track through while an undulating bassline burbles underneath — a personal spin on B12 influences. The voyage continues on the flip with ‘Plasmid Soul’, pure techno soul in its finest form with familiar drums and strings comprising the right ingredients to a timeless tune. Inspired by a photo from a day out in Greenwich and a bad feeling, ‘Fragments’ is an unexpected side excursion, with its quirky, disjointed bassline recalling the fragments of the past, of yesterday. ’Disconnected Reality’ sonically encapsulates the emotions of sadness presented with a ray of hope. “A track I wish I wrote!” — Steven Rutter.

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