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dave dk-val maira remixe 12 (kompakt)

Price: $12.99


dave dk: val maira remixe

following the 2015 release of Dave DK's Val Maira album, the Berlin-based producer offers up his intricate sonic tapestry for a remix EP. Isolée is highly regarded for his minimalist house with a catchy twist, and his rework of the bass-laden, atmospheric "We Mix at Six" is no different. Internationally acclaimed producer Ulrich Schnauss has a similar knack for transcending electronica and brings his expertise in ethereal soundscapes to a surprisingly throbbing, pop-instilled, epic version of "Kronsee." Brooklyn/LA-based housetronics wizard Portable Sunsets turns the warm, organic hum of "Nueva Cancion" into pure rythmatic poetry.

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