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david maranha & helena espvall-sombras incendiadas lp (three:four)

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david maranha & helena espvall: sombras incendiadas

David Maranha (Z'EV, CARLA BOZULICH, PHILL NIBLOCK) & Helena Espvall (ESPERS. MASAKI BATOH) join forces to produce "Sombras Incendiadas", a 4 song album, with David Maranha on electric organ & violin & Helena on cello. Helena has an amazing sound of cello, kind of Velvet Underground-esque, while David is in the vein of La Monte Young or Tony Conrad. As a duo, they create heavy drones with delicate harmonics behind the wall of sound. The textures are raw, the compositions are minimalistic, & the riffs are heady. The repetitive patterns played very loudly create a monolithic, hypnotic, & time-stopping album.

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