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dean blunt & inga copeland-black is beautiful lp (hyperdub)

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dean blunt & inga copeland: black is beautiful

After three albums for as many labels, Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland, also of the group Hype Williams, release their debut Hyperdub LP, Black Is Beautiful. Amid rumours circulating, and confirmed by their 'advisor' Denna Frances, the album was recorded during a tremulous period for the two : Inga Copeland's Arsenal girls tryouts, Dean's 'Waschbärgate' trial (he was implicated in being behind a one night robbing spree across 16 taxidermists based in London and the South East, allegedly only for racoons) and his subsequent conversion to Nation of Islam upon being acquitted. Black Is Beautiful is laced with their signature hazy glow and is full of crunched eurovision lullabies, kinetic drum machine jams, unsettling funk, smeared walls of synth, moments of unadulterated opiated bliss, mogadon rap, infinite coughs and insights into the odd sexual behaviour of crackers.

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