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death blues - non-fiction lp (sige)

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death blues: non-fiction

Death Blues is a multi-disciplinary project by Jon Mueller that addresses the inevitability of death as impetus to become fully present in each moment. Non-Fiction is the third musical installment in the larger Death Blues project, and the first for SIGE Records. Non-Fiction opens with a single and insistent pulse, the foundation upon which two side-long pieces that comprise the album are built. Serving as a thematic anchor, the rhythmic cycles propelling the compositions are the album's lifeblood - ceaselessly active, blossoming in permutated variations through drumkit, various percussion, guitars, and voice. Movements contract and expand, sparsely rendered themes increase in density reaching maximum saturation, all are infused with a sense of spirited determination. Constructed through the implementation of ostensibly rock-based idiom, the sound of Death Blues transcends form through the sheer intensity of its immersive qualities. Hammered guitars, interlocking percussive patterns and overlapping chants guides the listener into the present moment - to live in, with and through the insistent vibrancy of song. The compositions invite us into a space both meditative and jarring, alien yet familiar, disconcerting and comforting. Most significantly, they are born from a place of pure expression, discarding mere existence, in favor of devotion to a life fully lived.

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