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death of lovers-the acrobat lp (dais)

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death of lovers: the acrobat

Since the 2014 release of Philly outfit DEATH OF LOVERS' acclaimed debut EP Buried Under a World of Roses, many wondered if a full length follow-up for the band was even possible—largely due to the extensive touring schedule of DOMENIC, NICK and KYLE's other band: NOTHING. But between 2016 and 2017, the four piece band (that includes keyboard player CC LOO) was able to find the time to focus, demo, write, and carve out a stunning new direction and polished sound for the band. The Acrobat represents that labor of love, and Death of Lovers have created one of the most eye-opening alternative records we’ve heard in years. Thoughtful compositions weave driving synths, drums and guitars through lock-step rhythm and nostalgia before shattering into intricate and spacious instrumental breaks. There is a welcome complexity and depth to the tracks, which dance between moody and sweeping to sparkling and bright—reating a beautiful contrast to the honest and dark lyrics. Somehow, The Acrobat achieves warm familiarity while sounding completely new. While the tracks could easily have been included on the soundtrack to every one of your favorite '80s films, there is a fresh perspective and process evident in the songwriting that rewrites the “post-punk” rulebook.

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