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deepchord-10/11/12 3lp (echospace)

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deepchord: 10/11/12

Echospace is pleased to introduce the second edition of Echospace [Detroit] archival editions, a special edition series focused on the rare, historical works of Deepchord. The long out-of-print Deepchord catalog has since been remastered and will finally be available again on this gorgeous triple LP set. The release includes photography by Rod Modell and 2 12"x12" (frame-able) photographs emphasizing the creative eye and instincts of the artist. It's been a lengthy and timely process restoring old analog tape, DAT and cassette recordings (some dating back to 1994) all of which have been carefully resurrected from the vault of Detroit's revered NSC Studio. The long out-of-print catalog has been remastered, mixed, and once again bounced down to tape to ensure the best possible listening experience. Great measures, focus and time were spent to preserve the analog warmth and sonic integrity of the original masters. For those who don't know, these releases are considered by many to be some of the most inspired and influential sounds to emerge from Detroit well over 10 years ago -- a blue-print was set here for many artists to come, a step in the evolution. Expect gorgeous plumes of sound deeper than the ocean floor, a rich analog tapestry made in the heart of Detroit, techno city.

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