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deepchord-ultraviolet music 2cd (soma)

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deepchord: ultraviolet music

Dub techno master Deepchord returns with his fourth album on Soma, a collection of otherworldly transmissions from his laboratory. With Ultraviolet Music, Deepchord returns to his proprietary formula of atmospheric heroin-house (after 2013's more cinematic 20 Electrostatic Soundfields). A hallucinogenic amalgamation of deep emotive textures swimming around 4/4 kicks and sub-bass, middle-of-the-night atmospheres, hypnotic repetitions, shortwave static, and slowly evolving textures that envelop the listener in warm blankets of sound. Equally effective on a dancefloor as it is in one's private space. Multi-dimensional sounds that move the mind and the feet. Numerous (processed) acoustic and organic sound sources make these tracks seem alive in a way that is uncommon in electronic music today. They are breathing life-forms that reveal their subtle layers with repeated listenings. It's music that's influenced equally by 1980s experimental, 1990s ambient, Detroit techno, deep house, and Berlin school, creating something entirely unique in the process. State of the art low-tech electronica.

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