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demdike stare-testpressing #007 12 (modern love)

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demdike stare: testpressing #007

Lucky number seven -- the best Testpressing yet from Demdike Stare and the final installment for the time being. "Rathe" opens the doors of perception to a show-stopping bloom of heavenly voices and half-step jungle, ratcheting the levels to heart-in-mouth effect with panoramic harmonies and ricochet drums that sound like a 2015 update of "Windowlicker," all owing as much to Source Direct as Alice Coltrane. "Patchwork" is a whole other madness. Shocking in a different style, it consolidates swirling, noirish samples nodding to Italian concrète with the kind of two-step swerve heard on Artwork's Red EP -- proper feral, swinging business.

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