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dempa-charter of the forest ep (little beat different)

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dempa: charter of the forest

Rumour has it, that Dempa is an actual person. Not many people have seen him recently, mainly because he likes to spend his time locked in his East London studio, crafting tracks seemingly out of nothing. As is the case with Little Beat Different releases, you might not be familiar with this guy. After quietly dropping 2 quality 12"s on label Akute back in 2015 and 2016, he stayed faithful to his style of beatsmithery and when we got our hands on the batch of his new demos, there was no way we were going to let these slip away. There's 4 distinctive tracks on this EP, mostly exploring techno territories. All are very much dancefloor-ready, although the dancers are required to possess a somewhat acquired taste. Both sides of the record are perfectly balanced, the first is quicker in tempo, with the second one focusing on psychedelics. Dempa cooks with the finest ingredients and naturally the results are full of the right flavours.

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