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dennis busch-total youth cd (pingipung)

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dennis busch: total youth

Dennis Busch is an artist who is well-known to all Pingipung fans for his James Din A4 contributions to their catalog. This man of many faces has also developed a reputation as a visual artist. Dennis Busch has delivered an enormous output of odd, melodic techno tracks in the last decade -- mostly on his own now unfortunately-vanished Esel imprint. Today he presents a fresh sound, each track bouncing and swaying in a different shade of good humor. Deep chords from Detroit meet skweeeish melodies, a brassy bass says "wob," and hip-hop hi-hats hold those guitars and vinyl samples together. The entire album has been mixed down in real-time sessions on his MPC -- this famous sampler is actually the only device with which Dennis Busch produces his tracks. Maybe it is the technological simplicity and the ease with which he ignores the temptations of endless digital sonic possibilities that shapes the peculiar charms of this whole album. If deep house were a discipline at the Paralympics, "New Yor" or "Happy Stranger" would definitely qualify. "Total Youth" sounds like brewing the world's finest mocha coffee for Jan Jelinek (footnote: Jan Jelinek and Dennis Busch are musical mates). "Love is Evol" is an old man crooning his wisdom quietly in our ears. The raise-your-fist-up-high-contest goes to the last track's cowbell, "Keiner Vice mehr."

Dennis Busch - Keiner Vice Mehr

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