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desmadrados soldados de ventura-clifton park vol 1 lp (golden lab)

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demsadrados soldados de ventura: clifton park vol 1

Sixth LP -- and part one of a two-part set -- from Manchester, UK-based free rock floatation unit DSDV. The band accepted an invitation by Burnt Hills' guitarist Parashi to hole up in his Clifton Park, NY, basement and make a record in April 2015, and Parashi sat in with his bandmate Rambutan to wail with the guys. Starting out with an uncharacteristically straight-up Nick Mitchell riff, the record soon picks up a cloud and surfs it to 300,000 feet, the wind whipping through the band's hair for almost a solid hour of what turned out to be the most ecstatic jam they ever did have. Mixed and mastered by Bojanic Audio & Mastering, Manchester, UK. Dave Birchall: guitar; Andrew Cheetham: drums; Dylan Hughes: guitar; Nick Mitchell: guitar; Parashi: guitar; Rambutan: guitar; Edwin Stevens: guitar; Otto Willberg: bass. Features unique artwork combinations by John Moloney with every copy -- no two alike. 140-gram vinyl. Edition of 250. "Absolutely essential two volume collection with crazy Heitkotter esque artwork courtesy of Sunburned Hand's John Moloney -- both references work sonically as well -- DSDV are one of the preeminent 'free rock' bands out there, cutting edge, tip of the spear, reconciling out-there free jazz -- maybe think Coltrane's Ascension -- with pummeling heavy psych straddling Bardo Pond and The Stooges -- the drummer and bassist maintain an in-and-out telepathic groove while six freaked out guitarists cut loose like almost nothin you've ever heard, a semi improvised yet well considered exposition of riffs -- my god, it's full of riffs -- prepare yourself for a hundred minute hurricane of mind-blowing finger-blistering bliss." --Psi Lab

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