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detect audio-minotaur 12 (retrometro)

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detect audio: minotaur

Detect Audio are Arnaud Le Texier and Antonio De Angelis. "Minotaur" brings heavy, upfront kicks and unrelenting perc drive together with a smooth Convexion-style synth line. "Freak Lip" is a cranked-up ghost-in-the-machine groove. ROD reworked "Minotaur," which comes through with a hard groove flavor and a no-prisoners bass drive. Meanwhile, Antigone turns up the dub pressure in his remix, combining discombobulating pads and tooth-shattering bleep to massive effect. Make sure you've got a penny on top of the needle, because it's heavy.

Detect Audio - Minotaur EP + Antigone & ROD Remixes - Retrometro

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