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diana darby-iv cd (delmore)

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diana darby: iv

Diana Darby's I V (intravenous) is a brand new album of songs that have passed through seven years of fire in a real life, retaining what Pitchfork called 'minimal, whispered rendition(s)' of 'powerfully fatalistic evaluations of hope.' I V follows in the footsteps of three critically acclaimed releases and continues Darby's unique ability to create beautiful and scary confessional tapestries, full of 'fine lyrics and stellar arrangements' (Pop Matters). It is sure to reconnect Darby to her loving cult -- and entrance an entirely new crowd of noir-folk fans with her deceptively lovely songcraft. Though living in Nashville for the past several years, Darby returned to New York in 2011 to record new songs inspired by a staggering amount of deeply challenging circumstances. Her guitar and vocal tracks were cut live from ferociously focused single takes. Additional instruments and harmonies were added back home. The result is a nuanced, intense, gorgeous full-length album with top-notch studio players (Viktor Krauss, Dan Dugmore, and David Henry) adding to Diana's vision. The rare combination of chillingly evocative musicianship, coupled with Diana's voice and words has produced a fourth album that is an unforgettable psychotropic journey. Let I V slowly drip deep into your veins.

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