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dimmer-ascent cd (isounderscore)

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dimmer: ascent

"ascent" is the third full-length album by longtime californian experimental music stalwarts thomas dimuzio and joseph hammer. while their previous double lp focused on revisiting live recordings made throughout the west coast during the mid-to-late 2000's, "ascent" effectively serves as dimmer's first real studio effort in over five years since "the shining path" in 2007. in those five years, dimmer's sound has evolved to something transcendent and grand in scope in "ascent" as it was conceptualized to be restricted to vintage analogue synthesizers and tape loops applying modern methods and aesthetics of electronic music composition. thomas dimuzio: live sampling, processing, loops, and synthesizers; joseph hammer: tape loops, processing, and synthesizers. source sounds restricted to synthesizers by moog, marion systems, clavia/nord, and sequential circuits. composed, processed, and mixed by thomas dimuzio and joseph hammer at gench studios, san francisco, ca. mastered by thomas dimuzio. dedicated to warner jepson. artwork and design by brandon nickell. edition of 300 copies printed with gold-foil graph tessellations on white matte jackets.

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