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dino sabatini & luigi tozzi-manticora ep (outis music)

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dino sabatini & luigi tozzi: manticora

Techno veteran Dino Sabatini meets up-and-coming talent Luigi Tozzi. The two producers' shared aptitude for adventurous and evolving techno is crystallized in this collaboration. Opener "Manticora" is an eight-minute experience that takes the listener through winding claustrophobia as ringing feedback pulses across the stereo field and cavernous rhythms dance about. "Celeno" slowly unravels under a backing of shuffling hats and a rolling kick drum. Twinkling synths swirl around before giving way to a rhythmic and compelling melody. "Aello" the listener in with softer drums while a haunting drone builds up. Over this, ghostly arpeggios develop alongside weightier drums.

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