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dinos chapman-luftbobler 2lp (vinyl factory)

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dinos chapman: luftbobler

Brimming with subversive energy, searing wit and gallows humor, Luftbobler is the debut album by Dinos Chapman. Consisting of 13 tracks of electronic "Schlampige Musik," Luftbobler is the result of a decade of experimenting with sound. Inspired by insomnia, horror movies, and boredom, and made in a DIY fashion in the basement of his East London home, Luftbobler reflects Dinos Chapman's interests in the industrial pulse of Throbbing Gristle, willful experimentation of Stockhausen, and impish playfulness of Squarepusher, but sounds like none of them. At once eerily familiar and yet unplaceable, the album's multi-layered, innately physical soundscapes create a powerful sense of dislocation. Abstract and kinetic, the heavy low-end hits you in the solar plexus while the densely collaged melodies toy with your imagination. Dinos Chapman has also created the album's cover artwork, a limited edition of which will include a hand-tipped color etching. " a naked mole-rat plucked untimely from its snuggly basement-burrow, on its back, all squirmy, exposed to the sun's dissecting rays." --Dinos

So it goes by Dinos Chapman

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