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disco volante-no motion 7 (medical records)

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disco volante: no motion

For the first 7" record released by Medical Records, we are proud to reissue the long lost and out of print 7" by Disco Volante. Disco Volante was essentially Terry Clarke (aka Terry Tanx) and formed in London in 1982. Inspired by the early Bond films and their soundtracks (Disco Volante was a yacht in Thunderball), Tanx played live in a number or small clubs between 1982-1986. Using a small number of Roland instruments (TB 303, TR 606, MC-202, and SH-09), Disco Volante self-released a cassette entitled Traction in Rehash, which is sadly lost. In 1984, the 7" single No Motion was released on Catalyst Box Records, with the title track as the A-side and 'Click' and 'Punishment Tank (Live)' as the B-sides. The track 'No Motion' is a very catchy, layered synthpop hit that is quite unique yet capturing the essence of the early 80s new wave sound very nicely. 'Click' on the b-side is a march-like track with propulsive synthetic bass textures and monotonous analog drum beats. The final track 'Punishment Tank (Live)' was recorded live at the Red Box, London with a punk feel and with intense, delayed vocals, guitar and overlayed synth hooks. Beyond out of print and sure to appeal to lovers of the DIY coldwave and synth 7" revival and resurrection. Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies

Disco Volante - "Click" Sample

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