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dixon-live at robert johnson vol 8 cd (live at robert johnson)

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This is the eighth -- and final -- volume in the Live At Robert Johnson CD series. From here on in will only be compilations unchained and free of the rules that tempo, blending and arrangements dictate. Furthermore, it is Dixon's guaranteed last effort on the subject matter. The Innervisions' partner and one of the finest DJs Berlin has ever had to offer, simply outgrew the underlying system: the time restriction (70+ minutes are just not enough), the time gaps (due to the licensing and manufacturing nature of the game, it is almost impossible to be really current or represent the "flavor of the month," if you wish) and last but not least, the interest it can generate nowadays. But as with all things Dixon one thing is for sure: attention. Live At Robert Johnson Vol. 8 is different. Not only does it highlights Dixon's relationship with the club (a resident DJ there from day one), but also his special abilities to build a night. As with all true-born DJs, he has little difficulty in playing from dusk till dawn and through all the highs and lows on his own. Blessed with such stamina, he also knows that haste makes waste and the complete impossibility of condensing all of that to fit it onto one compact disc. So what you will experience here is the very starting point of such an excursion. Postponing the appearance of something like a kick drum for almost 30 minutes, one is led through songs that draw their inspirations from kosmische musik, ambient, and Kraut pop from various sources (Hauschka, P.Eladan, Dominique, Barnt) that slowly fade into Agoria and the likes of Axel Boman and the fascinating Cologne Tape before picking up speed with Mark E, Roman Flügel and the climax that is Âme's Osunlade remix with Todd Terje's spellbinding "Snooze 4 Love" on its heels. Peppered with the notorious Dixon edits and his surgery here and there, Live At Robert Johnson Vol. 8 might sadly not be the mix CD's lonely savior, but it is definitely a testament to the fact that sometimes a little bit more effort makes all the difference. Other artists include: Ursula Bogner, Hatikvah, Kenton Slash Daemon, Magazine, Scalde and Bruno Gauthier.

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