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dj clent-last bus to lake park 2lp (duck n' cover)

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dj clent: last bus to lake park

DJ Clent, Chicago's low-end legend, after a few seminal releases on Dance Mania and the 2014 Hyper Feet EP on Planet Mu, returns with his first full-length album, Last Bus to Lake Park, on Duck n' Cover Records, the world's one and only 100% footwork vinyl label. The stakes are high and so is the sound: epic, acidy, deep, driving, ferocious, soulful. It's a classic Chicago record all the way, deeply rooted in the windy city's thriving legacy, showing why it was there where house music was born, and proving that in 2015 it still is the hottest place for challenging and forward-thinking electronic dance music. Sixty-five minutes of pure footwork mayhem, playing in the same league as DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, Traxman, and RP Boo, and a great listening album as well. DJ Clent is an original, and nobody can imitate his influential style, though hundreds of young producers have tried -- he's still the deepest. Features guest appearances from DJ Milton, RP Boo, DJ Puncho, and Majik Myke.

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