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dj fett burger & dj speckguertel-red scorpions 2lp (clone royal oak)

Price: $25.99


dj fett bruger & dj speckguertel: red scorpions

After their fatter than a 'Deepfried stick of butter wrapped in bacon' Speckbass EP collaboration on Sex Tags Ufo a few years back DJ Fett Burger & DJ Speckguertel team up once again! The full length 'Red Scorpions' album, showcasing their mastery in the studio, is the result. A cornucopia of all that's classy about house and techno rolled into one and spread over 4 sides. Not afraid to use the tried and true ingredients of House music to full effect on 'Red Scorpions' they incorporate all the best from US and Europe's club music into a fresh but familiar package.

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