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dj heure-mechta 12 (distant hawaii)

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dj heure: mechta

DJ Heure returns to Distant Hawaii with an EP of sun soaked, juno-heavy and extra warm house jams; each one inspired by special nights out in his native Adelaide. EP opener 'Mechta' is a delicate and slow moving number. Stars glisten over a moonlit beach as the creatures of the night begin to make themselves known to the world. 'Rue de Saintonge' is a blissful dance through the cosmos, swirling keys move freely amongst the stars whilst groove laden drums and Heure's trademark pot and pan percussion lines dart amongst the planets. The B-side kicks into gear with 'I Want To be There' a bleach blonde beacon of house music excellence. An understated yet commanding kick steers the party into a new direction as playful synth sounds pull at the heart strings. This is the soundtrack to the summer we always dream of. Closing out the release is 'Deuce' a tough house bumper and a fitting curtain call to this love affair with the night. A new dawn breaks as hordes of bodies continue to shuffle along to low-slung beats and tribalesque percussion. Intergalactic synth patterns fly along the shoreline as the waves soften the sand and busy humans ready themselves for a new day.

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